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    Creability Group is a data driven consultant firm with whole solution, focused on Medical Foods, General Nutrition and OTC. We are from top medical firms, nutrition firms, marketing research company and strategic consulting firm, advertisement and media company, and internet firms. The group consists of marketing research expert, data scientist, Ph. D of medicine and nutrition, marketing expert and e-commerce expert. Thus, the solution we provided is more synergistic and actionable.

  • Creability

    Data-driven Marketing Consultancy

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    “Industry Understanding” is based on Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter’s five-force model (supplier power, buyer power, substitutes, new entrants and competitors) to collect market information, systematically analyze the industry and gain business insight. “2018 China FSMP Industry Report” is an industry report that uses the five-force model to integrate multi-party data and information.

    Know yourself, Know the Enemy, Know the Industry

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    “Industry Plan” is specially designed for biomedical and pharmaceutical industry development zone. Combining industry characteristics and the structure and distribution of the park, Credibility provides sustainable development strategies for industrial development, and comprehensive and actionable recommendations for the construction of platform elements and resources.

    Plan Professionally to Seize the Opportunity
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    “Corporate Communication” is to promote cooperation among domestic healthcare enterprises, domestic development zones and foreign companies. Communication can boost technology learning and facilitate cooperation.

    Support and Cooperate, Achieve Win-Win

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    “Technique Consultant” focused on FSMP industry. Product development and registration are the two key technical areas of the business setup of FSMP. Creability have rich on-field work experience. They can significantly improve the success rate and efficiency of R&D and registration. Agile Development,Efficient Registration, Escort for your NPD Journey

    Agile Development,Efficient Registration, Escort for your NPD Journey

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    Creability Group effectively integrates tools such as Boston Matrix and Segmentation Positioning Theory. We have successful application experience in Fortune 500 and A-share listed companies to help customers find opportunities and optimize strategies.

    Opportunity never knocks twice, seize it

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    According to statistics, the probability of successful new product/new business launches is less than 10%. “Disaster Check” aims to pre-check the correctness of marketing decision, thus avoid the waste of marketing resources and timing.

    Trial and Error as quick as you can

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    Data Partner of Creability Group is specially designed and can effectively support in the following areas:

    1. Integrate existing database and conduct data mining, thus enhance the competitiveness of the company;
    2. Provide sophisticated research design, the agents selection and quality control plan to make the marketing research more reliable and worthy;
    3. Make your business plan more data-driven;Train corporate employees to enhance their market analysis and business planning capabilities

    Improving Data Quality Improves Business

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    Creability E-commerce and new media operation experts from both in-house and agency, through the processes of diagnosis, research, consulting, coaching and review, deeply involve in the customer's industry and get excellent solutions together with customers.

    Unlock the Way to Digital Marketing


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